The Powerful Powerball Question

The Powerball is $1.3 Billion – the largest ever. There is a 1 in 300 million chance of winning the lottery. You’re more likely to be crushed and killed by a vending machine (1 in 112 million) or hit a hole-in-one on two consecutive, par-3 holes (1 in 156 million) then win the lottery. So why do people even buy tickets when the odds are against them?

Buying a Powerball ticket allows people to ask themselves a powerful question:

“What would my life look like if I had absolute financial freedom?”

It allows the brain to imagine a seemingly impossible world. But is it really impossible?

Every now and then I buy a Powerball ticket, not to win the lottery but to allow my mind to wander and imagine. Then I ask myself the big question, “How much of my life would I change if I won?” If the answer is that I would change more than 10% of my life, then I become really purposeful on those things that I would change, and work to close that gap in that quarter or year. Meaning, if there is something in my life that I would change if I won, I don’t wait for that windfall (which may never come); I put measures in place and take action NOW to correct it. The drive for money is never the factor that pushes me to live a big life, because I’m already living it by constantly working on those big goals.

Money is not the end goal – growth and fulfillment are.  It’s the people who can retire who never do. Why? Because they’ve figure it out. They understand that life is not about chasing the next dollar, it’s about each moment, each challenge that allows them to grow in every aspect of their life. This visceral knowledge, that money can not buy happiness, allows them to never give up on what is truly bringing them joy.

So let me ask you this: what would you do if you won the Powerball? What would your life look like? Dream big! Nothing is impossible.

Okay, do you have a clear vision? Can you feel it?

Now go take action. Right now.

Take one small step towards achieving that life. You don’t need to wait for money to make it happen.


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