Want Something Done Right? Don’t Do It Yourself

Want Something Done Right? Don't Do It Yourself

I’m inherently lazy. If I can get someone else to do something for me, I do. At home, I have my kids (and they’ve already learned how to leverage me!). At the office, I have to be a bit more strategic.

eisenhowerPretty early on in my career, I knew I was good at a few things: casting a massive vision, leading a team, inspiring action, and implementing quickly. But I also knew that in order to build a big business (and I planned on building a freaking huge empire) I needed to surround myself with the best people on the planet. There is no way I could succeed at the level I wanted to alone.

Within a few months of starting my career in real estate, I hired an assistant. Then fired her. Hired another. Let that one go. Then hired another. But I would rather go through the pain of hiring and firing any day than go through the pain of pushing paperwork, following up with attorneys and accountants, scheduling meetings, etc. But guess what? That is someone’s ideal job!

And that was just the beginning. Ten years later, when my team wants to create a new division or an opportunity comes our way, my first questions are always, “Who is going to do that? Who do we know that can build that division better than anyone else?” I always find a WHO first and then let them implement and execute under my leadership. I do not want a job. So I find someone who does.

And you don’t want a job either. You will become addicted to the income that that job creates and it will be that much more challenging to go hire someone else to do that job in the future. The goal is to be able to insert yourself into your business and life where, when, and how you want to. Not because you HAVE to. Do you really want a job? Or do you want freedom?

lawn-mowing-by-kid-1024x768We all talk about the ONE thing, the 80/20 rule (mine is more like 95/5), staying in your strength zone… but how many of us actually do that? If you want to build a big business, then you need to stay focused on the one or two things that you do extremely well and hire someone to handle the rest – the sooner the better. And no, I don’t mean you need to hire a COO for six figures. Pay the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn so you can work on your blog. Get an intern to handle client calls or administrative work. Or check out upwork.com or taskrabbit.com to get almost anything you need taken care of at a very reasonable price. The point it – get someone else to do it!

Find what it is you love to do (maybe that’s leading your company or maybe that’s marketing or maybe that’s administrative tasks). Figure out what gets you excited to get out of bed every morning. Discover your juice of life. Better yet, know what you hate. Understand yourself well enough to know what you want your life to look like and then continue to hire people around you until you are only operating on those few things that challenge and inspire you.

The gap between where you are now and where you want to be is always a WHO.

I teach my team this concept too. From day one I ask them,”Who is your replacement?” First of all I want my team to always be thinking about growth and their next opportunity. But even more so to instill in them the concept of success through others. We can all accomplish more, grow faster, and build our companies bigger when we have the very best people on the planet operating in their 20%. The reality is, there is someone out there who can do parts of your job better than you and who will actually enjoy doing it. Make it your mission to find them and bring them into your life. Your growth and your company’s growth depends on it.

Who is your replacement? Who is your next hire?

Never give up!


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