My Top 5 Takeaways from Keller Williams Family Reunion

Today I’m flying back from New Orleans (though currently stuck in an airport in Philly) after four days of intense training, masterminding, and networking at Keller Williams Realty’s annual event, Family Reunion. The convention center was packed with 15,000 people. The energy and idea exchange was incredible. I always leave those events feeling inspired and grateful to be part of such a revolutionary organization. An organization, by the way, that was just ranked the #2 training organization in the world across all industries! 


adam and garyThis year was a real full-circle moment for me. Six years ago, I attended my very first Family Reunion in New Orleans. This year, I had the honor of being on stage with Gary Keller and other top agents, not once, but twice. It was a bit surreal and when Gary asked me a question, I felt outside of my body and was able to witness the words just flowing out of me. It wasn’t the first time I’ve been on stage at a Keller Williams’s event in the past six years, but being back in New Orleans with Gary two feet from me, instead of two football fields away, just felt right. 

My first trip to New Orleans was just a few weeks after registering with KWRI to open the first Market Center in Vermont. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. A few nights before the trip, I lay awake in bed all night. I was scared. Maybe I had taken on too much. Moved too quickly. Didn’t do enough research. It was one of my darkest nights.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” – Victor Hugo

But a couple days later, I boarded a plane to NOLA and my life would never be the same. I remember watching all these Mega Agents on stage with Gary Keller and I knew I had found my home. I had never been around people before who thought as big as I did (even bigger) and who spoke the language of leadership, growth, and resilience at such a high level. Right then, I knew I wanted to be on stage with them. My thinking had been elevated and I would never be able to go back to my previous level of consciousness. My life was forever changed and I knew I was on the right path to achieve massive success and growth.

I went back after Family Reunion and launched KW Vermont. I started my entrepreneurial career as a Realtor, and real estate will always have my heart, but I wanted more. I want to have as many experiences while I’m here on Earth and never want to be limited. So a small real estate team turned into a large real estate team, then we expanded into additional states. I founded a construction management and development company with my brother. Then started a capital firm. Then a coaching and training organization. And then a foundation to strategically give back. And, as you can imagine, I have several other ventures I explore on a monthly basis and will continue to build additional companies that make sense to my overall vision of changing the way people live and play.

I am not actively in production any more and I consider myself a business owner and empire builder first, and a Realtor second, but I will never forget that Keller Williams gave me the confidence and the tools to become who I needed to be in order to live the life I have now. #grateful

adam and gary 2

Here are my top 5 takeaways from this year’s Family Reunion:

  1. Think even bigger!
  2. Who’s money is this anyway? I have been entrusted with a lot of money and does it really belong to me? What can I do with this money that I’ve been blessed with? How much can I give? Shameless plug for the new MREA book coming soon! 
  3. “A big shot is a little shot that kept shooting.” – Gary Keller
    Small decisions every day add up to exponential rewards. When you’re in the grind, putting in the time and the hard work, you earn your right to be at the top.
  4. Connections. Be nice, respectful, and kind to everyone you meet. You never know when you might be in relationship with them.
  5. Don’t compete with your peers. Running along side someone, helping them grow, pushing each other, and finding joy in each other’s successes is a hell of a lot more fun then running the race alone.
What were your biggest ahas from Family Reunion?

Next year – Vegas!



  1. Michelle Swendsrud


    I too am sitting in the NOLA airport, waiting for my delayed flight. What’s 6 hours…or so.

    Instead of veggie out, I was challenged to remember and document all that stirred within me at FR. This marks my first one. New to KW after attending the Austin Mega camp in August 2015. Which was the beginning of huge transformation. It was there that the ultimate connection for me was made. I was introduce to expansion teams. When I was approached with the opportunity to become an expansion agent, I jumped. Feet first. (It’s slightly safer) and I remember thinking, my life will never be the same. This FR event marks the first time I was able to meet my team, face to face. It was a true reunion for me. Connecting with team members who share the same values and goals is a game changer. My quick ahas…
    1. Skills and ability are awesome…it’s the willingness that creates success
    2. We all have the same tools available …Why not me?
    3. Living out KW cultural inspires others
    4. Know your numbers, they tell the story
    5. Trust the models
    6. Do the work

  2. Brian Inskip

    Pretty awesome things to take home with you. Always inspired when someone at your level talks like their just getting started…. Although today’s starting block is a little farther down the road than it may have been previously. Congrats on all your success and thanks for all you give back.

  3. MattThomson (@MattThomson)

    My biggest ah-ha’s also came outside of the breakouts. This was my 7th FR by my count, in 12yrs with the company. Every time it has been about “How can I sell more real estate? What’s the one thing I can do to change my business?” This year was a bit surreal as it just sort of washed over me…”You’ve been going about this all wrong. If what you focus on expands, stop focusing on real estate. Focus on your life, your impact, your footprint. Let that expand, and real estate will come along for the ride.”
    It’s not as concrete as I usually like, not a neat little check box for me, and I’ve never had this feeling after any event before. I’m truly energized and ready to see what unfolds as I focus on changing lives…starting with my own.

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