Screw Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat – Just Remember What You Were Like as a Kid

Last week as I was flying back from a meeting to launch a new Keller Williams Realty Market Center in Maryland, I was thinking about what I was like as a kid – what did I always dream about being and doing when I grew up? Did I have any idea I would be flying around the country several times a month to train, mastermind, or launch businesses?

adam and mom
My awesome mom – Rachell.

So with that question in mind, I did what any grown man would do and I called my mom. My mom keeps everything. This is actually quite helpful, and I’m banking on the fact that 10 years from now when I’m famous (infamous?), I can sell my old football trophies, Valentine’s Day cards, and wallet chain for tons of cash on Ebay. But I digress… I called my mom and she knew exactly what I had wanted to be when I grew up and even had the paperwork to prove it!

My mom had all of my dreams saved:

Kindergarten – Army
1st Grade – Work at IBM with my Dad
2nd Grade – Police Officer
3rd Grade – Lawyer
4th Grade – Baseball Player

And the last entry was in 6th grade – Business Owner!

Even in 6th grade, I was not going to be boxed into limited thinking. According to this form, my career choices were Astronaut, Model, Fireman, Cowboy, Nurse… (Don’t even get me started on the limiting beliefs that our educational system subjected us to when we were growing up! That is a topic for another day.) But I do want to point out that even at age 12, I knew I wanted more. I would also like to note that I somehow leveraged my mom to fill out this form for me, though I did sign my name!  Thanks Mom!

Think about what you wanted to be when you grew up. Have your dreams changed? Are you living the life you always imagined? If you’re not, I would encourage you to ask yourself, why not? 

The same goes for the activities you enjoyed as a kid. The things you did just for fun and for the pure joy of it (no external rewards like allowance). When was the last time you just played and had fun without expecting anything in return?

I loved fishing, hunting, mountain biking, sports, and doing anything outside as a kid. For many years, I suppressed my love for these activities in an effort to be what I thought a successful person should look like – I bought fast cars, fancy suits, and stayed out late drinking. But the more I worked on my personal development and tapped into who I really was at the core, I naturally started going back to doing those things I loved to do as a kid – hiking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, etc.

Not sure what career path is right for you? What did you want to do or be as a kid? 

Want to add more fun and interesting hobbies to your life? What did you love doing as a kid? 

You already have the answers inside you – you just have to go back a few years (okay, maybe several decades) and remember what got you excited, what made you jump out of bed on a Saturday morning, what you did without any one even asking.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

The juice of life was first served in a sippy cup. Those childhood dreams? Go live them.



  1. Mandi Monaghan

    Love this Adam! Inpired me to also start documenting our kids dreams and love the idea of making a book for them for when they are older. Thanks for the DREAM inspiration today!

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