5 Must Attend Events to Grow Your Business and Change Your Life

I just got back from a mastermind in Austin last week and I’m getting ready to fly to Vegas for a few days of training. I average 2-3 trips a month where I am either attending a private mastermind, a conference, or I am teaching a class. I learned very early on in my career as an entrepreneur and business owner that the best investment is in training and education. Almost 10 years ago when I decided to start my real estate business, I borrowed $8,000 and then spent half of it flying across the country for a Howard Brinton Star Power conference. I knew then, and I know now, investing in your personal and professional development is always worth it.


Training and development are an integral part of my companies as well. We are constantly adding to our internal training calendar. And when we decide to host some friendly sales competitions, the prizes are always tickets to a training event. I can not stress enough to you or to my team – investing in your personal and professional development is never a waste of money. If I had $1,000 left to my name, I would put it into a class that would expand my mind, inspire me, and give me tools to better my life.

To learn more about my upcoming events and classes, check out www.hergtraining.com.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself. ” – Warren Buffett

I couldn’t agree more with the great Mr. Buffett. Here are the events/trainings/meetings that have had the most impact on my life.

  1. Date with Destiny
    Those of you who know me, know I love me some Tony Robbins. I attended Date with Destiny a few years ago with my wife, Sarah. It was an incredible 6 days of full immersion into our deepest fears, greatest desires, and helping us dig really deep into our ultimate purpose and passions in life. Sarah and I left that conference completely inspired and totally aligned with our goals and the life that we wanted to build together. In short, it was life changing. It gave us the tools and the clarity to continue to build our companies and live a life by design. No limits. No regrets. Only growth and passion and purpose. https://www.tonyrobbins.com/events/date-with-destiny/
  2. Coaching Skills Camp
    Coaching Skills Camp is taught by the incomparable Dianna Kokoszka, the CEO of KW MAPS Coaching. This 3 day conference gives you the tools (and most importantly, the questions) to achieve 100% productivity from anyone in your life. I have attended Coaching Skills Camp several times and always take away some new piece of information, a great question to ask my team, or a model that can be used to get my team hitting their results consistently. It’s a high energy, intense few days full of both coaching theory and practical leadership advice. This class is a must for leaders to better understand yourself, your leadership style, and how to coach and lead your team. http://mapscoaching.kw.com/coaching-skills-camp
  3. Spend 30 minutes – 1 hour with Billionaires
    Okay, so this isn’t an event that your can register for online after swiping your AmEx. You’ll have to pay for this one with some good ole’fashioned networking and persistence. Believe it or not, Vermont has some pretty incredible high net worth individuals and I’ve had the privilege of sitting down with several of them over the years. Talk about some eye opening conversations. The opportunity to talk to great business leaders and brilliant minds who have seen just about everything, all the highs and lows, of building huge businesses is priceless. The key is to go into those meetings with well thought out questions and be prepared to have your thinking challenged and your mind expanded. At one of these meetings, I asked a recently retired CEO what kept him going and pushing through the multiple bankruptcies, the stress of taking his company public, and the everyday challenges of being a business owner. I loved his response, “I was having fun.” What a great perspective. How simple and profound. If you love what you do and are still having fun doing it, you can get through anything.

    Now, how do you go about connecting with these individuals? Tim Ferriss offered some great tips in The 4 Hour Work-Week or click here for a quick blog on the concept. So who are you going to connect with? Don’t forget to ask one of my favorite questions of the people you respect and admire – “Who do you know that I should know?” That should get you started. 

  4. Business Mastery
    My love for Tony doesn’t end. This is another TR conference, but very different from Date with Destiny. Business Mastery helped me take a deep dive into my businesses and really helped me focus on four core businesses that would strategically and vertically integrate. It helped me develop a road map. And it wouldn’t be a Tony Robbins conference without a whole lot of psychology. We discussed the critical component of creating an empire – emotional fitness – and how to take massive action in order to get massive results. If you want to create a big life through a big business, this one is for you. https://www.tonyrobbins.com/events/business-mastery/las-vegas-08-17-2016/

  5. Advanced Transcendental Meditation Retreat
    I have been practicing transcendental meditation for about three years and going to a retreat helped take my practice to another level. These retreats couldn’t be more different than the high octane Tony Robbins conferences, but just as impactful. The last retreat I went on was 3 days of meditation, yoga, nature walks, ayurvedic meals, stretches of silence, and rounding (asanas followed by meditation, over and over throughout the day). This retreat taught me to settle my mind, to be comfortable with silence and with the inner self. There is a whole lot going on in the external world every day and it just keeps moving faster and faster. An Advanced TM Retreat gives clarity and tools I can use in my every day life to stay calm, centered, and aligned with myself and my goals in this crazy world we live in. To find out more about Advanced TM Retreats, go to www.tm.org and find a TM teacher in your area.

I’m always looking for great training events. What training events/conferences have had the biggest impact on your life?


  1. Marvin Towler

    Adam, thanks for sharing these great events! I listen to Tony Robbins “Personal Power” daily! It is CD one in my car. I am also utilizing NLP to eliminate limiting beliefs. It’s good to know that I am modeling someone who I respect and who is successful. Looking forward to the upcoming “Life Without Limits” events!

  2. Josh Lavik

    I had a Tony Robbins breakthrough idea after listening to some of his mastery CDS. It changed my life and improved my marriage. Looking forward to attending one of his live events this year.

    1. Adam

      Awesome Josh! I highly recommend attending any Tony Robbins event – Unleash the Power, Date with Destiny, and Business Mastery are all great!

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