One Simple Action for a Competitive Advantage

I love the smell of wheatgrass in the morning. Every morning at 4:43am, I jump out of bed, down a glass of water and a shot of wheatgrass and I’m now ready to start my day.

rise upIf you want to get started on your emotional fitness journey, all you have to do is implement getting up early. That is a pretty good test of your fortitude and resilience. Do not make excuses – like you need X number of hours of sleep or you’re not a morning person. You might not be now, but you will be after 66 days of creating the habit! Stick with it. You will thank yourself later.

The first week or so is not so bad. You’re in the honeymoon phase and excited about your new routine. It’s that second or third Monday when it’s rainy or you didn’t sleep well that you say, “WTF. Why did I start doing this?” That’s when you are really tested and you must recommit yourself to the decision you made and practice your self-mastery, which is overcoming that voice that says no.

I said it was simple, but it’s not easy. If it were easy, everyone would do it. And I know I’m talking to a bunch of high achievers here, not anyone willing to settle for mediocrity, right?

I started getting up before 5am about 3 years ago and it was uncomfortable the first few days, but I quickly discovered I loved it! Every morning before 6am, I had already gotten a “win” for the day. Now, 3 years later, I’m literally excited to go to bed (before 10pm. Okay, fine, I’m usually in bed before 9pm) so I can get up early and start my routine.

Why get up before 5am? Because I, like you, have a lot of kicking ass and taking names to do throughout the day. My personal growth is a priority, so I put that first in my day, before the rest of my business and family responsibilities begin. A lot of people tell me they can’t do this because of their kids. I have two kids (ages, 4, 2 , and one on the way), so that kid thing? I get it. Actually, I was up at 3:45am this morning with my youngest. But did I let him watch TV and veg out? No. If he’s up, he’s drawing, playing with crafts, journaling (yes, he wants to journal because he watches dad do it), or doing yoga. Hey, if they’re up, they’re up. But I don’t compromise my personal development time, nor do I compromise time with my kids.

So what do I do at 5am? Journal, meditate, review my goals and affirmations, and spend some time with my family. You can see my complete daily routine here. This daily ritual of personal development activities gives me the raw energy I need to be the best leader for my company and my family.

The key is going to bed early. What are you willing to say no to in order to get up early enough to work on your personal development? It may mean saying no to that second beer with friends or saying no to finding out who gets the final rose on The Bachelor, but it means saying YES to creating the best life and the best version of you. Sounds like a win to me!

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”
– Ben Franklin

Turns out, I am incredibly brilliant before 6am and get my best work done then. My creative thinking and problem solving skills are on fire and my brain is tackling challenges at 200 MPH. After that, I focus on putting my ideas to work throughout the rest of the day.

Some of the most successful people get up early. Success leaves clues. And I follow. If the people that I most admire and respect have implemented this habit, then there must be something to it. I know from my own personal experience, it has made me more focused, increased my energy, and made me incredibly purposeful throughout the day. I have gone back to drinking coffee and tea after my no coffee experiment, but I will not go back to sleeping in. There is so much life to live and so much to gain by getting up before 5am!

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I’m winning the race while others are sleeping. Are you?

Get up, get going, get yours.



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