Routine or Rut? You Must Disrupt Yourself in Order to Grow

Herg Life launched just over five months ago, so I wanted to remind you all about why I started this blog in the first place. You’ve heard my musings on mindset, my thoughts on thinking big, and my lessons on leadership. I think you’ve all gotten a feel for my Herg Life.

But Herg Life is much bigger than just me. Herg Life is a call to action to live a life without limits. Herg Life means stepping outside of your comfort zone – whether that means skydiving, speaking up at your next company meeting, running a mile, or telling someone you love them. Herg Life means being the best version of yourself so that you have more to give to others. Herg Life means asking the tough questions so that you are constantly stretching yourself and growing to discover the answer.

Remember, Herg Life is about getting outside of your comfort zone. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

So let me ask you… what have you done lately to get outside your comfort zone?

Are you coasting? Are you settling for mediocrity? Or are you breaking through your limiting beliefs and getting uncomfortable in order to the biggest life you can imagine?

The truth is we are all creatures of habits – good and bad. And these habits create routines. Very comfortable routines. And while I’m a big proponent of creating habits (check out my daily schedule), sometimes these routines can lead to ruts. The trick is to disrupt yourself and your routine often enough so you continue to grow. I’m not talking about huge changes here, just minor tweaks so that you are not simply going through the motions of life, but being purposeful and present in each moment.

unicornsConsider these small changes to make sure you’re stretching yourself and getting (even a little) uncomfortable.

  • Take the scenic route to work or at least a different route albeit not scenic (you can’t all live in Vermont)
  • Try reading something totally outside your typical genre (try Goethe instead of Grisham)
  • Switch up your work-out routine
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier
  • Take the stairs
  • Say “yes” to any invitation you receive for the next week
  • Offer to lead your next company meeting
  • Post a video on Snapchat
  • Go to dinner alone (keep your cell phone in your pocket)

Earlier this week I completely changed up my work out routine and exercises in order to snap out of funk. It’s not like I had stopped working out, but I wasn’t working out with as much focus, intensity, or energy. I needed a new vision and a new goal. So, I talked to my fitness coach and he created a new plan to go along with one of my favorite activities – mountain biking. Just this small change created such renewed energy and reignited my excitement about working out. Side note – I couldn’t walk the next day, which is when you know you really got outside of your comfort zone and pushed yourself!

It doesn’t always have to be about skydiving or swimming with sharks. Whatever it takes to get you outside your comfort zone, just do it! Remember, action creates emotion and once you’ve set yourself in motion, you will be unstoppable!

Give up never!


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