Standards + Models + Coaching = Success

I’ve been working with Adam Bornstein of Born Fitness for a couple of years now and his system works. He has a virtual fitness coaching company and even though he’s not in the gym with me every day, he still kicks my ass. I go to the gym religiously (ya’ll know how important exercise is to me) and you might think I would get bored or plateau going to the gym 6 days a week working with the same coach. Not so! Every month I’m given a new model of workouts to follow, so that I keep growing.

Here’s a sample workout:

Explosive Weight Training Circuit
1) Dumbbell High pull 5, 5, 3, 3
2) Dumbbell Push Press 5, 5, 3, 3
3) Dumbbell squat and Press (sometimes called thrusters) 3, 3, 3

Plyometric Circuit
4A) Box Jump 4 x 5
4B) Lateral Bound 4 right/4 left x 5
4C) Plyo Pushup 4 x 5

Strength Training Circuit
5A) Dumbbell Get Up 4 on the right/4 on the left x 5 sets
5B) Weighted Pullup 6 sets x 3 reps
5C) Dumbbell bench press 6 sets x 3 reps
5D) Dumbbell Front Squat 6 sets x 3 reps

Metabolic Conditioning Circuit
6A) Squat Thrust 30 seconds
6B) Mountain Climber 30 seconds
6C) Rope Waves 30 seconds

Okay, so we know models are crucial to massive and duplicable success. Couple that with standards which I talked about a few weeks ago (check out blog here) and add in a coach who is holding you accountable and pushing you to continue to grow through additional models and systems? Boom! You’ve just created a virtuous cycle of success.I talk a lot about models and systems. Why? Because I attribute much of my success to the fact that I implement models better and faster than the majority of the population. I’m not reinventing the wheel. I’m not creating a new technology or service. But I am taking the models I learn from the very best people across several industries and applying them to my life – quickly and consistently. And here’s the kicker – I am constantly tweaking and updating the models and systems I use (or having someone update them for me – like Adam Bornstein). I don’t adopt one model for the rest of my life. I may find a framework, say, a fitness philosophy or business model that I follow, but then every so often I’ll update that model, tweak it, or bring a complimentary system into my life so that I never stop growing. Mediocrity = death.

Standards + Models + Coaching = Success

paulo coeho confidenceSo, models, systems, and coaches are great. If you don’t have them for your business or your personal life – get them in place as soon as possible. But those will only take you so far. As the wise Miss Britney Spears has said, “You want a hot body? You wanna live fancy? You better work bitch.” My fitness coach can give me the workouts, I can get a gym membership, and I can buy the newest pair of Nikes and cute shorts, but no one can do the work out for me. That’s all on me. You must take action and implement! That virtuous cycle of success you created builds confidence and the more confidence you have the more action (and bigger actions) you’re going to take. Turn your should’s into MUST’s. 

I have a standard in my life that my health and fitness comes first. Because of that standard, I have built models and systems into my life, like getting a coach and time blocking work outs in my calendar. I believe fitness is the most important element in building confidence, gaining clarity, increasing energy, and ultimately finding inner peace. Why wouldn’t I make it a priority and put the best person in the industry in my life to guide me? Coaches find your blind spots. And a lot of us don’t want those blind spots revealed or to be held accountable. Wake up, people! Success leaves clues and the most successful people have coaches – usually more than one. Golfers have a swing coach, a putting coach, a personal development coach, etc. who are all designed to give them an incremental edge. Don’t over look those small gains. Every time you increase by just 1%, you grow.

What are your standards for life and business? Do you have models and systems in place to support your goals? Do you have a coach who is holding you accountable to the results and helping you grow?


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