Work Less and Live More by Mastering These 2 Skills

After 36 hours in the hospital and a few false starts, on Monday, August 8 at 11:49pm , my beautiful and strong wife, Sarah, and I welcomed our third child into the world, Madelyn Rae Hergenrother. She is tiny and pink and perfect. Though this is our third, it is still such a profound moment to see the birth of new life, life that you created. A moment I wouldn’t miss for anything.

In fact, this week, I launched a pretty major new coaching program with KW MAPs Group Coaching. We even had the our video played in front of thousands of people. But I didn’t attend. I was exactly where I needed to be – with my family. The beauty is, my team was there in my absence to help promote the program, answer questions, and get people signed up.

In addition to launching a new coaching program this week, I am opening several Market Centers in Maryland, buying properties in NY, building a new office building, as well as building a new personal house, finalizing a huge ALZ project, on-boarding three new CEOs for real estate teams in Minnesota and Florida, and having one of the best months ever at my Vermont Market Center. None of that could happen without having an incredible team running alongside me. Those, my friends, are real-life example of priorities and leverage.

So, how does one truly work less and live more? There are two key things you must master in order for this to happen.

  1. Control Your Schedule  If time is money, than you don’t want to waste it! We’ve talked about time blocking before (you can see my complete schedule here). But it does go beyond that. It means being incredibly strategic about WHAT you time block, which means you’ve better be incredibly clear on your priorities and standards. What’s the point of time blocking drinks with your friends, if you always flake out to go kayaking? If kayaking is the priority – time block that! And perhaps re-frame your standard with your friends. Instead of weekly drinks, maybe your standard becomes once a month. Whatever it is, get clear. Very clear. And then don’t let anything derail you.

    Make sure you also think about when you are most productive and schedule your most important work (projects, financial meetings, interviews, writing, etc.) then. I tend to work in spurts. I have about 3 hours in the morning from about 8am – 11am where my schedule is packed (thanks Hallie!) with strategy meetings with my leadership team, interviews, and writing/content creation time. After I head to the gym, eat lunch and mediate, I have another burst of “work” time from about 2pm-4:30pm. Did you do the math? Yup, I am in office with my team and working on projects for about 5.5 hours a day. Fridays are flexible. That’s less than 30 hours a week.

    work life harmonyNow, don’t get me wrong, I’m still checking emails early in the morning and late into the night, or reviewing financials and reading articles on the weekend, and listening to audio books while I’m driving, but that is just integrated into my life.  I can do those things wherever I am and I would do them regardless if I had a 9-5 job or was Elon Musk (okay, maybe if I was Elon, I would have my robot do some of these things for me).

    I’ve been able to create this schedule and this life by being brutally accountable to my calendar and being laser-focused on my priorities. I have no problem saying “no” to after-hours work events, social engagements, or meeting requests (and I get a LOT of them) that interfere with my priorities – my health, my family, and my lifestyle.

    Recently, I read about work-life harmony (we all know work-life balance is a myth), and if you live in work-life harmony, than your life is just that, in harmony! All that “before and after hours” work I referenced above is just harmony for me. I love doing those things. I love having people count on me too, for those big decisions, being able to shoulder the challenges and stress and help provide direction and clarity for my team. It drives me, which is why I love hiring amazing people who rely on me to cast the vision, grow the organization, and create new opportunities and companies. Which brings me to my next point…

  2. Build an Amazing Team  You will only be able to take your company, your team, or your division so far. You need to surround yourself with the best people on the planet in order to maximize your reach, get more done in the same amount of time, and tap into the creative power and experience of those who are smarter than you and experts in their particular areas of business. Asking me to put together a training manual, or complete payroll paperwork, or oversee the day to day operations of one of my companies, or organize and execute an event would be a mistake. So I hire people who not only love those tasks, but excel at them! The benefit to me is that I can then spend that time engaged in the activities that I love and excel at – creating and communicating the vision, teaching and training, and building an amazing team.

    Not only did my team represent at Mega Camp this week, but I can leave for a week or more (sometimes without cell or internet service) and my companies not only continue to run, but thrive. It is my mission to create a world big enough to bring as many talented people into it as possible, set goals with them, and then hold them accountable to the results. But I don’t have to be there every day doing the work and together we all succeed that much faster. Once you have your team in place, work with them to set serious goals and also create serious wins for them – individually and as a team. Team goal = team win.madelyn and adam
    Master the art of controlling your schedule and recruiting top talent and hiring the very best in the business and you will be working less and living more before you know it!

    Your schedule and your team are the foundation for living a life without limits.

    Now, time for more newborn snuggles!




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