Future Predictions and Today’s Decisions

This week is the start of the fourth quarter; as well as the beginning of Surya Mangal Chandra. No, that wasn’t a typo. We’re taking a turn this week from my usual leadership and business building fare to dabble in birth charts, spiritual readings, and astrological predictions. Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, these readings and predictions do change your perception and make you more alert to the world around you. I mean, how often are you just plowing through life without really stopping to consider the implications of your actions, your choices, and your decisions?

My Maharishi Jyotish Consultation has given me some pretty great insight into when I should be more cautious or when is the right time to dive into a new project full-force. And you just might take a second look at your horoscope or get your birth chart read after I share with you what has happened to me over the past three years. Get ready to have your mind blown (or at least expanded just a little). I had my consultation in early 2013 and for the past 3+ years the evidence has shown up over and over again that this thing is legit:

lk4c6919-zf-2791-74420-1-002-070Like when my chart said between July 2014 – September 2015, “Do not go near deep water – don’t go swimming in deep water, or journey on water,” and sure enough I had a whitewater rafting trip schedule for early July on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Within the first hour of the trip, our raft flipped and one of my friends and I were tossed beneath the boat and nearly drowned. Josh had dislocated his arm and had to be evacuated. We were all fine and the rest of us were able to continue the trip, but man, that could have been bad. Read about our adventure here. 

finaltraininglogo_1Or that time between January and July 2016 when my reading said, “This is a good time to start some new work, new business.” Sure enough, after years of informally coaching, training, and consulting with others on leadership and business building, I decided to formally create Adam Hergenrother Training Organization, LLC. Interestingly, it also mentioned my inclination towards “white objects, white elements,” and almost all of our marketing and branding pieces moved towards clean, white, and minimalistic during this time. And for the next six years, my reading said it’s a “good time for activity related to training, organizing courses,” and that is becoming my main focus and “job” – using training and coaching to share the vision, teach others, and recruit the best people on the planet. I mean, these guys have no idea who I am or what my desires are, and these things just showed up in my reading.

fireplace-explosionLast month, only a couple of weeks after moving into my new house, I lit my brand-new outdoor electric fire pit and it blew up. Thank god my kids were inside, but holy shit, someone could have been seriously, seriously injured. The pieces of stone are easily 100 lbs. Luckily, at the last second, I stepped back from the fire pit. I have no idea why I did, but I did. Turns out, my chart predicted that, “There could be some discomfort or danger from fire or fiery elements. Be very careful handling appliances or anything that could create a problem with fire.” This was not a prediction for the year, but for a 3 week period.

predictionsThere are all sorts of predictions that pop up and nothing of significance happened. For the next six years, my readings tell me my spiritual development will be good, I will have good support from my subordinates, and I will take full advantage of my wit, wisdom, and knowledge. All great stuff to reflect on and perhaps take more concentrated action on, such as putting more focus on my training company. Other parts of my reading continually tell me to monitor my health, take care of my diet, and be careful on journeys, in particular to be careful when driving. All of which I heed. Would I be so alert in these areas without my chart? Who knows. What I do know is that by having this consultation to help guide me, I am more alert and in tune with my surroundings and more aware of the weight of my decisions. I always enjoy learning more about myself and my potential impact on the world, so if nothing else my consultation is a fun, interesting, and enlightening read.

futureI’ve got some really exciting things to look forward to too. According to my reading, in early 2017 it will be the best time to start writing my book. And between now and September 2017 I need to protect myself from poisonous creatures and insects, so I guess I won’t be zip lining through Costa Rica…

Here’s the thing, I meditate, read my affirmations, and review my future self every day. My Maharishi Jyotish Consultation is just another tool in my tool box to help me grow and be the best version of me. Check it out and if you have done a birth chart or consultation before, share your experience in the comments below! Peering a little into the future never hurt anyone! But ultimately, if you want to know what the future looks like – create it.

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