Reinvent Yourself – Becoming Who You Need to be for the Next Step in Your Journey

This new training regimen I’m on to prepare me for the Ironman in May is no joke. I thought I was in shape before, I thought I was training hard, I thought I was prepared for anything… Damn, was I wrong. Actually, I may have even become complacent with my workouts. I’ve been doing the same routine with the same fitness coach for the past couple of years and I haven’t trained for anything since the Spartan Race and hiking Kilimanjaro a few years ago. I was ready for a new challenge and the really cool thing is, that no matter where I place in the Ironman – taking my training to another level means that I have to reinvent myself. I am not just looking to finish the race, I am looking at competing with myself so that the best me shows up. In order for that to happen, I must reinvent myself and train like a professional athlete.

reinvent-yourselfReinvention means new challenges, new experience, and growth and isn’t that what life’s really all about? When I committed to do the Ironman a month ago, I was all in, but I didn’t really know what I was getting in TO. I’ve been training for 4 weeks and this level of training, attention to my diet, my heart rate, conditioning, strict training calendar, tracking all of these metrics in unlike anything I’ve ever done. It doesn’t help that my coach only trains professional athletes (his coaching company helped 37 people make it into Kona last year). It’s definitely not easy and not anything like what I expected but I’m committed to continuing on this journey because of who I know I will become along the way. You’ve got to take your emotional fitness, your schedule, your ability to say no, and your self mastery to a whole other level when you need to fit in 2-5 hour training sessions every day while still running 6 companies. I’m not looking for a trophy here. I’m no different than anyone else. I’m just trying to get you all to understand that reinventing yourself happens several times throughout your life and you just need to listen to that voice that is telling you it is time to make a move and take action.

Here are a couple of examples for you: I met an amazing woman while in Denver last week who, at 50, decided to leave her marriage of 30+ years and went from her known career of interior design and home renovations to building a real estate business. Talk about a reinvention! Imagine who she needed to become in order to make that decision, move to another state, and keep pushing forward with as much light and energy that she has. Or take the people we all know who are very successful, complete workaholics, who have let their health go entirely. That person who starts eating healthy and who gets a trainer – imagine who they have to become in order to shed their “workaholic” identity in order to embrace time away from the office to focus on themselves and their health. Or what about Veterans returning from war? They have to not only readjust to a civilian environment, reconnect with their families, and find a new career – they have to do this after years and years of training and conditioning to think a certain way.

The point is, the only way we grow is by letting go of past identities and embracing new ones. Reinventing yourself is a metamorphosis. The biggest fear people have is not being associated with their identity or not knowing who they are. But that is only because they have become so attached to the old “them” and they haven’t embraced the fact that we all learn, grow, change, evolve, and reinvent. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying! So grow!

Butterfly MetamorphosisReinventing yourself should happen daily. The small reinventions – the 1% reinventions -all add up to major reinventions. Problems are actually our greatest gift because they allow us to change daily. Instead of focusing on the negative of problems, focus on the fact that they are encouraging us to change and grow and reinvent! We must reinvent ourselves in our personal and business lives. People often start business’s as a means to reinvent themselves – to grow, to make money, to then give away – which then allows to to reinvent yourself even further!

The best part is, when you focus on reinventing yourself, you will inspire people around you to reinvent themselves, and the whole world becomes a better place. You don’t to miss out on that opportunity, do you?

My flight left Denver at 6am on Friday, which meant I had to leave for the airport by 4am. No big deal, I get up at 4:18am anyway… but because I am training for this Ironman, I needed to get in a 50 minute bike ride and a 50 minute run before I got home (because once I was home after a 3 day trip – I was going straight into dad-mode). So, what did I do? I got up at 1:30am in order to train. No excuses. Instead of the snooze button, I chose action, commitment, and reinvention.

Which do you choose?

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