3 Ways to Invest Into Yourself for Maximum Success

Last week we had almost 40 people fly in and drive up to Vermont from around the country for our 2nd annual Hergenrother Realty Group Advance (no retreat here!). We had two days packed with vision casting, inspirational speakers, masterminding, and sales and leadership training. The majority of our team had to take 3-4 days away from the office, away from their families, away from their clients, away from the phone calls, the emails, and the fires, away from the daily grind.

Hergenrother Realty Group’s 2nd Annual Advance – October 2016

They had to STOP, so they could move forward.

So many of us never do this. It’s so easy to just keep going through the motions of life. Heads down. Eyes closed to the possibility that there is more. But there is more if you just stop, focus on a few key areas of you life and INVEST into yourself and your growth. No one else is going to do it for you. You’re not just going to be handed your bikini body or more time with your family or spiritual growth on a silver platter. You need to work for it. You need to work really hard for it. No one said living a big life was easy! But it is simple.

Here are 3 ways to invest into yourself for maximum success:

  1. Invest into your health and fitness. We all know how important health and fitness are to me. And they should be to you. If you don’t have your health then what do you have? How can you serve your family or your team? You’ve got to feel your best in order to give your best. This may be the most difficult one, which is why it is first. You’ve got to invest in your own health before you invest in other aspects of your life and business. Having great health and energy trickle down to every other part of your life. Invest into a personal trainer. Invest into a gym membership. Invest into the value of your time and create a non-negotiable scheudle for exercise and cooking healthy meals. Invest into a meal service. Just invest into your health. It will be the foundation of your success long term.
  2. Invest into training and education.When I first started my career in real estate ten years ago, I had $8,000. I spent half of that traveling to a Howard Britton conference where I heard Gary Keller speak and my life was never the same. I learned the value of investing into education very early on in my career and that has influenced many of my decisions since then, including my decision to start my own training company so I can continue to share my knowledge and give back. I encourage you all to invest into yourselves whenever possible – from free trainings in your office and community, to massive real estate conferences, to personal development retreats. Here are my top 5 events for transforming your life and business. Investing into your personal and professional development is always a wise decision. The more knowledge we get,the more we can give back and continue the virtuous cycle of education.
  3. Invest into your personal standards.stand-for-something Have you determined what your standards are? Where you draw the line? Have you written these down? Does your calendar reflect your goals? Look, you can either have stories or you can have results. You can either coast through life riding the waves of mediocrity or you can put your big boy pants on and do the things most people aren’t willing to do in order to live a life most people will only dream of.

    It all starts with standards. You have to know what you stand for and what you will tolerate. Do you have a morning routine that sets you up for a day of success? Are you reading personal development books? Are you doing what you say you will do? ARe you hitting your snooze button every morning or are you saying YES to the day? ARe you leading yourself first? Are you investing into your own standards for growth, for business, for life?

There are two definitions of INVEST that I really like.

Invest [verb]: Devote (one’s time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

Invest [verb]: To furnish with power or authority.

Are you giving power to your standards? Are you devoting energy to purposeful education and training? Are you setting aside time for your health and exercise?

Only you can decide what to invest in. But I guarantee if you invest into your health and fitness, education, and your standards, then you will grow every day.


  1. William Bohning

    Some people think that I am weird due to getting up at 4:30am , eating clean and abstaining from drinking alcohol, exercising daily(no-matter what), having a Scheduled , being spent and bed by 9:30pm ish lol ” I play Life Full On” I will Out Last, Out Preform, and Out Live Them.


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