Zero Tasking for Relentless Results

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, because I am currently on vacation with my beautiful family in the Bahamas!

Does it drive anyone else crazy when you’re in an interview and the candidate says they are great at multi-tasking? Perhaps I’ve just had too much of the Gary Keller/The One Thing kool-aid (which by the way is delicious), but multi-tasking is a myth. Being able to multi-task is not a strength! You know what I want to hear in an interview? I want to hear that you are a master at zero tasking. I want to hear that you are so good at saying no and not doing anything, that you have figured out how to do everything. Zero tasking is the ultimate leverage.

Zero tasking is the ability to stop and clear your mind in the midst of chaos to allow you to just think, communicate, and lead, and NOT do. What can you do to eliminate tasks from your life? Zero tasking does not mean that you just sit around on a beach (though being a master at zero tasking can help with that. Hello, I’m in the Bahamas!). Zero tasking means that you aren’t DOING. You aren’t creating an endless checklist. You aren’t working in the business, you are working on the business.

Whenever someone comes to me with an idea or problem, my mind goes first to WHO can do that? I have no interest in adding a task or deliverable to my agenda. But I do believe in using the brightest minds around me to solve complex problems and then hold them accountable to the results. Think about how much more I can accomplish that way. Zero tasking is such an amazing way to see relentless results. Instead of trying to do it all – go to the best resources and maximize your reach. I am able to zero task and stay 100% committed to my goals because I have surrounded myself with the best people on the planet and continue to do so.

Ready to start zero tasking? Write down everything that is not in your strength zone or that you simply hate doing. And go find someone to leverage those tasks to. And if you’re ready for the next step, start saying no to anything that takes you away from the few things that you should be doing – thinking, communicating, leading, and most importantly working on your self (meditating, writing, reading, exercising, etc.).

I’ll never forget when Gary told me that one day I would just go into the office and spend my morning reading and thinking. Now that’s zero tasking.



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