Top 3 Things I Learned in Las Vegas

adam-vegas-bikeLast week I got to spend five days in Vegas (baby!) for our annual real estate convention, Keller Williams Family Reunion. Believe me, I did not do anything remotely Vegasy… no casinos (except that I was forced to walk through them from the hotel to the convention center and back again), no comedy shows, no oxygen bars, no J. Lo concerts, no indoor skydiving, no high roller… But I was able to squeeze in a massage at Spa Mandalay and did get outside the city and enjoyed the scenery. I actually went out a few days early so I could get in a century ride outside (which is not possible when there is two feet of snow in Vermont), some runs, and a couple of swims. Maximizing my time and packing in five days of Ironman training, learning, teaching, and networking is completely possible when you practice extreme time management and say no to late nights.

So, what did I really do in Vegas for five days? Well, aside from my Ironman training, I also had the opportunity to teach a class with Holly Priestner (who, by the way, is now the Vice President of Keller Williams Realty International. Congrats, Holly!) about building a successful team. I tackled an Escape Room with my Hergenrother Realty Group (HRG) team members (and no, we couldn’t escape). I had a incredible leadership meeting with HRG and we set the course for the next 10 months that will ensure we are #1. I got to have dinner with some of my friends and colleagues from around the country, where we discussed the challenges and fun of being an entrepreneur and business owner. The highlight of the week was being on stage with Gary Keller, Ben Kinney, and Kristan Cole and being able to share my passion for leadership and growth through real estate Expansion teams.

adam-and-gary-2017It was an honor to teach and pour into others while I was at Family Reunion. That time away from the office and from my routine, allowed me to learn, listen with a different perspective, think, and have some breakthrough moments.

Here are the top 3 things I learned while I was in Vegas:


  1. Life is an experiment. Life is a constant push, pull, and readjustment. Ultimately, my life is just one huge experiment! That means I’m always testing, watching, and re-calibrating. This can apply to all areas of your life – spiritual, physical, financial, professional, and social. So, just go try something. If it doesn’t work or if you don’t like it, just adjust. Just don’t go through life with any regrets. If you want something, go get it. The people who die peacefully (and yes, newsflash, we will all die some day), are the ones that lived a life of no regrets – a life true to who they were at the core. Are you living a life of no regrets? Make it a priority in your life to experiment! Try new things, learn, earn, grow, travel, and play your entire life. I guarantee you won’t regret that.
  2. I am guaranteed to fail. Yup. Failure is inevitable. Therefore, I know that I can’t fear failure. I believe that I am a spiritual being having a minor physical experience. I know that I need failure for my own spiritual growth, therefore I choose to embrace failure. In order for my team and I to achieve massive success, we must fail and be okay with it. Keep failing and keep growing. Once you realize that the failure, and the personal growth from failure, is really what life is all about, you will stop fearing it and stop putting limits on your life. And then, your growth becomes the goal – not money or material items. Changing and increasing your level of consciousness is now the metric that you start measuring your inner success by. Dr. David Hawkins, in his book Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, talks about how most of us only grow our consciousness by 5% in one life time because we’re just not focused on it. Well, become focused on failure and you damn sure will grow by more than 5%! Embrace failure. Understand that if you want to live a big life, you will get knocked down and you must get back up. Don’t fear failure. Don’t fear the fight. Fight forward.
  3. No matter where you are in life right now, you are only five years away from where you want to be. And you will get there through emotional fitness and hiring the best people on the planet. In a shitty situation? Feeling lost? In debt? It can change, you can improve your situation, you can grow and be where you want to be if you grind and put in the time. Five years. If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will! Think about how quickly five years has gone by! Five years ago, I only had two companies and zero children! We are never too old, too young, too poor, not privileged enough, not smart enough, too out of shape, too whatever to get where we want to go. You are only five years away. That is a freeing thought. Stop making excuses for where you are in life and get your ass in gear. Start taking more risks, start failing more, start implementing more, start hiring the best people on the planet and make it your priority to help them achieve their goals. Remember, most entrepreneurs aren’t good business leaders. They are great entrepreneurs because they are creative, can navigate through tough times, and are persistent, but going from an entrepreneur to being a business person is humbling. You must learn a new skill of leading and succeeding through others. That’s a really easy thing to say. Leverage, right? We talk about it all the time. And yet, most of us aren’t actually succeeding through others. A lot of us think that because we have a team or employees, then we must be succeeding through them and we must be a business leader! Wrong. Succeeding through others means that your employees see you as a vehicle to build their ultimate life, that you allow their gifts to shine, and that you put your gifts and goals behind theirs. Do you truly support your team? Are you making them better than you? Are you willing to do that? Can your ego handle it? We know it only takes five years to get you from where you are now to anywhere you want to be! But those five years can look pretty average and pretty uneventful. From the outside, no one would be able to tell if you were succeeding or not. But little do they know, that you are building the platform of models, systems, people, standards, etc. to be unstoppable.

And here’s a little bonus that I’ll leave you with (that I’ll dive into in a later post): You can have a huge heart, but that doesn’t mean you need to save everyone.

Viva Las Vegas.

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