Do You Have a Heart for Business?

One of the very first things we do with any new leadership team member is hand them a copy of my User’s Manual (email Hallie for a blank copy to create your own). It’s basically a cheat sheet of my idiosyncrasies, my values, my strengths, and my weaknesses. Actually, we talk about all of these things before we even bring someone on-board, but everyone needs a little reminder once in a while. I don’t ever want there to be any surprises for people when they join my organization. I am a hard-driving, obsessively growth-oriented, high standards, results not stories, push you until you almost break because I want you to reach your potential kind of guy. Not everyone is going to like it. And that’s okay.


We even go so far as when we ask for our candidates’ references, we give them a list of MY references – including people who have been fired or no longer with our company. Why? Because I want anyone who is coming into my world to get the full picture. We can tell people that I’ll push you to grow or that we move lightening-fast, but people only understand that to the degree that they have been pushed or been in a “fast-paced environment.” One of the biggest comments we get from people who may not have worked out at our company or decided to take a different role in one of our organizations is, “You guys move REALLY fast. Like, you don’t operate like any other company I’ve been a part of…” Now, I’m just used to it and so is my team. But, to an outsider it can be completely overwhelming and sometimes debilitating. So, we do everything we can to mitigate that. We may have the most talented candidate – great behavioral match, moves quickly, has all the skills and experience in the world, but they still may not be able to keep up!

It is not my job to slow down to accommodate. It is not my job to provide an opportunity to everyone. It is not my job to hold people’s hands. It is not my job to save everyone.

By now, you must be thinking, “Who is this guy and why would anyone work for him!?” And to that, I would say, ask the 230+ people in my organization who work WITH me. Just because I have high standards, expect my team to work hard and push towards our goals, and to move quickly, that doesn’t meant I don’t have a heart. Just because I don’t stop in the halls to chit-chat about your weekend, doesn’t mean that I won’t sit down with you to talk about your goals for your family’s future. Just because I don’t go out for drinks after work, doesn’t mean I won’t join you for a hike at sunrise the next day.

Here’s the thing: I care more about who my employees and team members become as a person, than I do about being their friend.

Their personal, professional, spiritual, financial, and physical growth is of the utmost importance to me. And if I have to push a little harder than someone likes, point out their blind spots, or play the bad cop, I will.

I’ve been told by a couple people (okay, maybe more than that) that I need to have more of a heart. I think they’re wrong. My version of heart and their version of heart are just different. You can have a huge heart, but that doesn’t mean you need to save everyone. You know how I show love? By making sure everyone that comes into my world is hitting their goals, that they are transforming their lives and the lives of their family, that they are reaching beyond their potential and growing every day, and that they are living the biggest life that they can imagine.

The people that are attracted to that type of leadership are the people who survive and thrive in my organization. I’m not trying to be anyone I’m not, which is why I’m so transparent from the get go. You better be damn sure that when you join my organization that you are ready, because I will push you, you will grow, and your life will change.

If that sounds like something you’d be in to, email me. We always have opportunities for those who hustle and have heart.



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