Build a Business Platform For Leaders to Stand On

Real estate teams will soon dominate the entire industry. We have been building a real estate expansion team without borders for almost six years. And we’re not the only ones. There are several other industry leaders who have also been building a foundation, a platform, for real estate expansion teams. On the surface, it seems like we’re doing the same thing and building the same company. It’s just real estate, right? The same could be said for any insurance company, any construction company, any car dealership, or any industry where one company doesn’t dominate the market. But the truth is that we all have our own flavor, we all have one thing that we do exceptionally well, and we all have different personalities and leadership styles that attract different talent into our world. We each have a different platform that we are building our empires on.

Definition of platform

1:  plan, design
2:  a declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands

What is your platform? What do you stand for? What does your company stand for? Do you have a job or are you building a business? Are your systems scaleable? What products and services are at the core of your business? Have you defined who you are? Are you communicating your flavor?

Your platform can be broken into three components:

Models + Systems + Structure = Platform

Models: This is the vision and the belief system that your company is built upon. This is the direction that your team is headed and must have a clear plan on how to get there. That doesn’t mean that it won’t change. Stay flexible. Your model will evolve as your business develops and grows until you hit your desired result. Communicate these changes clearly and confidently to your team and your model will guide all of the decisions you and your team make as your business grows. Models (and systems) are what will allow you to break through your ceiling of achievement and move from entrepreneurial to purposeful.

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Systems: Systems are how you execute your model. Will you build an army of Inside Sales Agents? Will you double down on video marketing? Will you use Salesforce or Hubspot? Systems are the procedures, the checklists, the reporting, the software, the marketing strategies, etc. you implement to operate your business. Systems play an important role in making sure you stay purposeful on your model and continue to move forward to higher and higher levels of success. Again, don’t get bogged down in finding the prefect system. Find what works for you, your team, and your platform.

Structure: Structure is the daily accountability, coaching and training (for example, daily huddles, power-ups, team lead generation sessions, or daily check-in emails) that you provide for your team. The structure is there to ensure that the models (i.e. the vision) is executed. The systems are simply the HOW to achieve the end result and those can be vastly different depending on your model. Just as someone’s chosen structure can be totally different depending on their leadership philosophies or overall company vision.

You have to have all three components – model, systems, and structure – to build the platform for your company that others will stand on, grow from, and build upon.

Which brings me to my final point. You could have the most kick-ass platform in the world, but it’s not going to get you anywhere if you don’t have a team of smart and driven people to move your organization forward. People are the x-factor. People will implement the platform and drive the platform forward which is what will ultimately build a big business.

Your platform is what differentiates your businesses from someone else’s and is why someone will want to work with you versus another organization. Build your platform, with your flavor, and it will attract the right talent and empire builders into your world who will see that platform as the foundation for their success.



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