The World Isn’t Going to Run Out of Success

This week my team and I hosted an incredible two-day event with some of the top real estate business leaders in the country. We had people come in from Atlanta, St. Louis, Washington D.C., Maine, Virginia, Omaha, Connecticut, Phoenix, Boston, and more. Building a business is hard (no matter what industry you are in) and these attendees just got it. The conversations were at another level, the vulnerability was real and raw, and many of the connections will last a lifetime. What really struck me is that the room was packed with very successful people who were all hungry to learn more, do more, and be more. They are all competitive and they all wanted to be even more successful then they already are. Awesome. The world is not going to run out of success any time soon.

Refreshing to hear right? My success was not dependent on anyone else in the room being LESS successful. Success in life is abundant. It’s not a win-lose situation. If I win, if I’m successful, you can be too.

So drop your ego. Stop comparing yourself to others and really embrace other people’s successes and accomplishments. They can be yours too with enough hard work.

Imagine your friend from high school started an online business three years ago and just got featured in Success Magazine for their innovative approach to the client experience. Are you happy for them? Purely, unconditionally happy for them? Or, did you get excited for them and then quickly start running through all the reasons they landed on the page next to John Maxwell. They must know someone at the magazine. Their parents gave them money for the business. Their former professor helped them with the user interface. The article wasn’t that big anyway… Check yourself. Do you justify other’s success because in order for you to be successful, they can’t be? Or are you really, truly happy for them?

Here’s the cool thing. Success is a renewable resource. You just have to tap into it. You were successful five years ago and now you’re not? That’s okay. Get to work and you’ll find success again. Your coworker is successful today? No problem. You’ll be successful tomorrow.

The trick is mastering that inner voice that says you have to lesson someone else’s success (or somehow justify it) in order to shine. Think about kids. They are just so happy for other kids on the playground who are brave enough to go down the slide or even give praise to adults for the things they do (like making dinner when your wife is out of town). No ego. They see good they speak good. What a world we would live in if we could all do that!

Remember, embrace other’s successes. Tell them how great they are doing. Be truly happy for them. Unconditional joy for another is a gift we are really giving ourselves. Raising someone else up, acknowledging their accomplishments, giving them a shout-out for their success is inspiring to others and just feels damn good. Be hungry, but be humble.

“A candle loses none of its light by lighting another.” – Rumi

We live in an abundant world, especially when it comes to success. I guarantee the people at our conference the past two days know this. Actually, I believe that part of their success stems from the fact that they believe their success is dependent upon making other people successful. It’s one beautiful, virtuous cycle that you can be a part of if you check your ego (and limiting beliefs) at the door.


  1. SDonnelly01

    Very true and a great observation! It was a great couple of days with big thinkers who do succeed through others. Look forward to us all being back together next year and how further along our journey we all will be, thanks Adam!!

  2. sdonnelly01

    Great observation!! It was truly a room those who are willing to push forward while encourageing and succeeding with others. Looking to next year when we are back again and see how much further we all are on our journey. Thanks for getting us all together!

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