Get Obsessed With Making Others Filthy Rich

I just finished Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone. That dude is a little crazy and yet I felt like the guy was speaking to my soul. Forget the haters and forgive the naysayers. Mediocrity is just not in my DNA. And for those of you who, like me, have been told to slow down, stop working so hard, take a vacation, that you don’t need any more money, to just be satisfied with what you have… DO NOT LISTEN.

I find it fascinating that society as a whole is so obsessed with balance. Isn’t balance just another word for middle of the road or mediocre? I think so. And I think all of this stems from fear. Fear of not feeling good enough. So if Joe Schmo sees that I’m pushing, driving, striving, and accomplishing my big goals, then he better reign me back in and make sure that I stay down on his level. Some of the people closest to you are unintentionally stifling your obsession because they just don’t get it and are worried about you. They don’t want you to burn out or be stressed. Well, what they don’t realized is people like me, people like GC, get stressed by not producing and working and thinking and growing.

But here’s the misconception I want to dispel. Just because I’m obsessed with success doesn’t mean it’s only focused in one area. You hear obsessed and you think: okay, he’s obsessed with making money. Greedy bastard. Well, what if I told you that my obsession to make money is simply because I want to give as much as possible? What if I told you I’m obsessed with taking care of my health and training like an athlete (yes, that takes money)? What if I told you I’m obsessed with being a great father and husband? What if I told you I was obsessed with making other’s filthy rich? If people have a problem with that relentless drive towards excellence in multiple areas of my life, then they are just not my people.

The insatiable hunger to do more and be more doesn’t go away and why should it? What good does it do to try to cage the beast inside of you? You just have to learn how to direct that energy, that obsession, towards particular areas that will serve you. It would be just as easy for me to be obsessed about drinking or adventure races or silent retreats. But those don’t serve my ultimate goals of building a big business and a big world in order to make other’s filthy rich.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders understand what I’m talking about. If they weren’t obsessed about an idea they wouldn’t be taking the risk to build a business in the first place. But again, channeling that energy is the key. And for me, that key is making it about others. I will never succeed at the level I want to without getting into business with the best people on the planet and then getting obsessed about my team’s success. Sure, could I get obsessed about health or their time with their family? Of course. But what really gets me fired up is helping my people make a ton of money. Why? Because then they get to use their checkbooks as a weapon and make the best decisions for themselves and their families. When you’re not worried about money, hell when you are filthy rich, imagine what you could do – travel more, volunteer more with your favorite charity, give more money… be free. That is something I will always stand behind.

Money is only good for the good money can do. And I want to do a lot of good. Which means I better make a lot of money. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing my team members realize their dreams. Money is a tool. It is not money itself that I’m obsessed with. It is what it can do for my staff, my family, and the world at large. The secret to living is giving. It’s selfish not to want to make a lot of money, so get obsessed with being successful, so you can make others filthy rich.


  1. sdonnelly01

    This is still my favorite book. So few people out there that will TRULY cheer you on. On my personal journey to find them in all areas of my life. I think you hit it spot on with …..
    ” If people have a problem with that relentless drive towards excellence in multiple areas of my life, then they are just not my people.” …….and that’s ok, I’ll keep searching.
    Thanks for doing what you do.

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