What Pain Are You Willing to Tolerate in 2018?

There are only four days left until the new year! New year. New you. Where are your goals at? Have you updated your Future Self? Have you completed your vision board? Do you have a 2018 business plan ready to go? What are your big goals for the new year?

As you are planning and prepping to make 2018 your best year yet, I want to challenge you. Instead of asking yourself the question, “What do I want to do this year?”, instead ask yourself, “What pain am I willing to sustain over the long-haul in order to accomplish my goals?”

Yup, that’s right. What pain are you willing to tolerate? We can all put out these airy fairy goals of losing 100 pounds, increasing our revenue by $100 Million, or taking on 100 new coaching clients, but what are we going to do to get there? What are you WILLING to do to get there? You won’t achieve your goals by putting in the same effort or doing the same activities that you did last year. You’re going to have to change up your routine, take some risks, put extra time and attention on certain areas of your life and sacrifice other areas. You’re going to have to get really good at saying no and you’re going to have to 10x your daily routine so that you are working every day like you’re about to go on vacation. Most importantly, you’re going to have get uncomfortable and experience some pain in order to get there.

If you want to get into the best shape of your life, you’re going to have to push yourself and sustain a certain level of physical pain. If you want to write a book, you must be willing to suffer (sustain pain) through sitting and writing daily. If you want to get 100 new clients, you’re going to have to 10X your marketing and sales efforts, which probably means suffering through sales calls or live videos. Painful? Yes. Will it get to your goal? Hell yes!

Whatever you want to achieve, you will have to sustain the pain and suffer over a period of time. I’m not talking about a week of hard workouts. I’m talking about getting up early every day to fit a workout in (painful), running longer than you ever have before (painful), upping your weights and number of sets once you’ve hit a plateau (painful), and saying no to social obligations and having people judge you for your new lifestyle (painful). It’s not easy. But we know that nothing worth having ever is or we would all be billionaires just floating around on our yachts being served champagne and caviar. No pain, no gain.

Growth requires a bit of suffering and that is A-okay. Because even if you have to suffer for a month, a year, or 10 years, ultimately, pain is temporary. The pain of quitting or never realizing your full potential or achieving your goals? That lasts forever. So, you’ve got to choose your struggle. Do you want the pain of feeling trapped in your current job? Or do you want the pain of risking it all to start your own business? Do you want the pain of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin or do you want the pain of lunges and jumping jacks? Do you want the pain of loneliness or the pain of putting yourself out there and dating? I’ll ask you again. What pain are you willing to tolerate?

So, the next time you are about to embark on a new adventure, make sure you want to sustain that level of pain before you sign up. Because when we grow, we suffer, which leads to finding meaning in your life. Nelson Mandela suffered for over 25 years in prison, but ultimately found meaning in his suffering. We all must suffer in order to grow. We must all go through pain (psychological or physical) in order to accomplish our goals. The pain that you are willing to tolerate will determine how much you grow.

What pain are you willing to tolerate in 2018? Share in the comments below so we can support each other and hold each other accountable.

I’ll start. Here is the pain I have signed up for in 2018:

  • The pain of delaying gratification and income now, for a big pay-off later. I am willing to give up millions of dollars of profit over the next year, for a larger snowball the year’s after by rolling money into larger assets so that the snowball grows for future use (thanks for that advice, Warren Buffett!).
  • The pain of saying no to the 5 children’s birthday parties every weekend and saying yes to only a select few so that our family time isn’t hijacked by birthday parties and other obligations. I risk the pain of being judged, sure. But I’m willing to tolerate that.
  • The physical pain of taking my fitness to another level, a deeper level of pain then I’ve gone to before. I’ve actually already begun, so that I have no hangover in 2018. I’ve run the most miles I’ve ever run in a week the past two weeks before the new year (and did I mention that those were in below zero weather… on ice… at 5:30am?). That’s pain. But that’s also mental fitness.

Here’s hoping you have a splendid year of pain that will get you to your goals! Cheers!


  1. James Andersen

    I’m willing to endure the pain of boredom, repetition, and the constant urge to fall of queue (but maintaining course) within my business, my personal health and fitness, and my family schedule. Essentially I’m committing to being boring, but only for the greater good! I believe in systems and compounding effects, and I am willing to test them in 2018! #WhatsyourFinancialFootprint #WhatsyourFitnessFootprint #WhatsyourFamilyFootprint #MoreBoringThanYou

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  2. Joey Torkildson

    Dude….I’m not sure how you do it but your blog was exactly what I needed to hear right now! The mental game of this journey is painful as hell! The struggle is real and throwing in the towel is on the mind at all times. I’m extremely happy and extremely pissed off daily at what I’m trying to build. More pissed lately than happy! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I know how important that pain is and it’s a great reminder! Thanks!

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      Success is 95% psychology and only 5% tactics. Master the mental game and choose your struggle. And then find joy in the suffering. It’s what helps us grow!

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