Falling Back in Time and Moving Ahead with Technology

Falling Back in Time and Moving Ahead with Technology

Daylight Savings Time means moving the clocks back a hour and getting a jump on the day. Yes, I know, it also means getting an extra hour of sleep. But if you really want to change your life. Now is the time. All those months you said you were going to get up at 5am, but keep hitting your snooze until 6am? Daylight Savings Time just solved that problem for you. All you need to do is lean into the change and get your butt out of bed!

Now, I’m in Kentucky right now, hunting with my Dad, and I already get up at 3:45am, so no extra daylight for me. And since, I live in Northern Vermont, it will now get dark around noon. I kid. Kind of. Whether I’ve got daylight or not, I’ve got work today. We may have fallen back in time, but time waits for no one and big changes are here. You can either let them pass you by or you can grab on and take advantage of both the time change (create a new habit!) and the industry changes (reinvent yourself!) that are happening right now. Your choice.

It’s not news that the real estate industry was due for some disruption. The industry as a whole hasn’t changed in several decades since MLS (the multiple listing service) went from paper binders to the internet. Now, technology is again shifting how real estate agents do their job and how consumers buy and sell homes. It’s an exciting time to be in the business because the opportunities are pretty much endless.

One big change is what real estate agents will look like in the next couple of years. I believe that agents will no longer be able to rest on their laurels, built upon a strong market. Real estate agents will become fiduciaries. Consumers, now more than ever, will place extreme confidence and trust in their agent and look to them for help and advice while navigating all of the various buying and selling options available, along with the financial implications involved in each.

Recently, I wrote an article for Inman News on a hot real estate topic, iBuyer platforms. That article goes more in depth about the fiduciary responsibility of real estate agents and the impact on the consumer and industry as a whole. Check out that article here and drop your thoughts in the comments.

Time and technology are both fluid. It’s how you harness them both and use them to your advantage that will ultimately dictate your success.

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