4 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself Today

Tomorrow I am teaching one of my favorite KW University courses, Quantum Leap. Gary Keller, co-founder & CEO of Keller Williams, developed this course to dig into the power principles and disciplines that can help anyone achieve a more abundant life. This is not a real estate course, or even a business class, this is a life class. The goal of the curriculum is to help individuals see learning, working, and playing as an essential part of living a whole life throughout our entire life. It’s a class that helps people take charge of their life and live it with focus, discipline, and great purpose. It’s a course that can change the entire trajectory of someone’s life. It’s that powerful.

I wish more people understood the power of stopping and taking the time out of their lives (busy or productive) to shift their mindset, get a different perspective, reflect, plan, learn, and grow. I get it. It’s not easy to say no to the daily demands that show up. But it’s having that discipline to stop that is the secret to success. In fact, sometimes, just being able to stop is the success in and of itself. Anything you learn on top of that from training is just a bonus!

One of the most impactful parts of the entire course is establishing your Mission/Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Perspective, not for your business, but for your life. Here are four simple questions to help you determine these for yourself:

  1. Why am I alive? (MISSION & VISION)
  2. What is important to me? (VALUES)
  3. What do I believe to be true? What rules will I follow? (BELIEFS)
  4. How do I view myself and my situation at any given moment? (PERSPECTIVE)

I draw upon these questions often when I’m coaching clients or leading my team members. I actually posed these questions to all of Hergenrother Realty Group’s CEOs at the beginning of the year and it was incredible to read the responses. These questions get at the heart of who you want to become, who you want to surround yourself with, and the legacy you want to leave. Taking the time to answers these questions could change your life!

I have the answers to these questions typed out and I read them each morning as part of my personal development and reflection time. Along with my Future Self, my mission/vision, values, beliefs, and perspective, give me clarity and focus and guide my decisions throughout the days, weeks, and months. Clarity is definitely power and these questions give me the clarity I need to succeed.

Here are my Mission/Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Perspective as an example.

  1. MISSION – To grow spiritually though life’s experiences. I am alive to be the best person I can be every minute of every day. So, what does that look like at the deepest level? It means that I never give up on things that are important to me. It means richly blessing those around me.
  2. VISION – That I’ve changed the game of real estate. I’ve built a Fortune 100 company through training, innovation, technology, and thinking big, and I employ thousands of people. I’ve also changed the lives of everyone that is around me. I’ve built an organization where people are it’s framework and created massive wealth for everyone. We have fun, we think big, and we take on huge challenges. When I look up, people love their jobs, people are striving for growth in all areas of their lives, and we laugh!
  3. VALUES – Growth, thinking big, having wins, and absolute financial freedom. Training myself and those around me to constantly think differently. Accept your failures and learn from them, just move forward and enjoy each breath.
  4. BELIEFS – I believe that you must allow people to fail there way to success. I believe that people don’t need to be managed, but led and trained at the highest level.
  5. PERSPECTIVE – I am grateful for being alive and for having problems so I can step up and solve them. I am grateful for finding fulfillment on my way to growth and achievement. Although I know I’ll never arrive, I will constantly push forward while enjoying each breath.

How would you answer these questions? What is your mission in life? What is your vision for your future? What do you value at your core? What do you believe to be true? What is your perspective on life? Take some time to reflect, answer these questions, and create your own Mission/Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Perspective statements. Better yet, share them in the comments or shoot me an email! These questions could change your life and your answers could inspire someone else to change their life.

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