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I just spent the past four days in New Orleans with 18,000 Keller Williams agents and associates. Three presentations, multiple masterminds, two team events, one book launch, and countless industry shaping announcements later, I am excited to get back to business and start implementing all that I learned at Keller Williams Family Reunion.

The most exciting and interesting topic, of course, was technology. Keller Williams’ proprietary platform, KWCommand, to be exact. So, what does, Command do, exactly? Everything. It is a full integrated, end to end user platform designed to enable the agent to be better and do better for their clients, customers, fellow agents, and future business partners.

Consumer behaviors have drastically changed over the last decade. Everything is online, customizable, and available at the tap of screen. Why should real estate be any different? The team at Keller Williams saw a need and got to work creating a solution. Here’s an example for you. When was the last time you went to the home screen for Facebook or Netflix (other than to initially register?). Yeah, you don’t. You go to your personalized home page, with curated content based on your specific wants and needs. Consumers are no longer using zip codes or agent vanity websites to search for homes. They want localized, neighborhood information with individualized websites – not for the agent, but for the customer or client. Agents knew that they needed to be able to provide this type of experience for their clients, all in one place, before, during, and after a real estate event. KWCommand delivers.

KW Command includes innovative features such as Opportunities (tracking your client’s transaction from lead to close and all the digital paperwork along the way), Referrals (find, send, and track the referrals you send and receive), and Smart Plans (a workflow management tool to help agents run their business with checklists, drip campaigns, marketing, recruiting, and more). All of this is powered by, and accessed through, Kelle, Keller Williams’ artificial intelligence (AI).

While in New Orleans, my company, Hergenrother Realty Group, was named the #3 team based on our number of transactions in 2018 – over 1500, in 16 states. With that number of units and across state-line complexities, what is most vital to me as a business owner is the visibility into the real-time numbers all in one place. Why? Because as any business owner knows, data is power. We need accurate, up to the minute information in order to make key decisions that effect the trajectory of the business. Command will tell me how many contracts are written per day, per agent. It will tell me how much GCI is generated daily, per team location. Command will tell me current average sales price, current average days on market, which lead sources are converting at the highest level, and which agents are writing contracts that aren’t getting accepted. The real time insights into my business will allow me to pivot, reallocate resources, hire, coach, or train in real time. Command empowers me and my agents through data, financial analysis tools, and local market information to be the real estate economists that are the real estate agents required today.

Is every single functionality and components rolled out and flawless? Nope. But what cutting edge technology is? The above is just a sample of what Command can and will do. The beauty of Command is that each day it iterates and becomes even better for our company and agents. Kelle won the Inman Innovator of the Year Award for Real Estate Technology in 2018. Kelle is already smarter today then a year ago. Imagine what the Command technology will look like, and be able to do, for agents and consumers months and years from now.

The road map is ready. It’s time to execute.


  1. S.G. Leavitt, Jr

    I have been fortunate enough to be a rookie agent that is part of the #labs process. your article nails the right stuff about KWCommand. And when the new consumer app goes live, the industry will have a new meaning for disruption.

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