Have You Checked Your Energy Lately?

I was prepping for a podcast earlier today and they asked me what was the best advice I ever received. The best? Man, that one is tough. Failing forward fast and often is at the top of the list. The only way to really learn is to take risks and move past your mistakes and if you do that quickly and often, then you’ll go and grow that much faster. The advice to think bigger and surround myself with people who are on a completely other level (and then close the gap in knowledge and experience to get where they are), definitely ranks pretty high. We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so you’ve definitely got to make your 5 people count! Maybe it’s the advice to surround myself with people who are brutally honest with me and making sure my inner circle is calling me out about where I need to grow or improve. I might not always like it, but I have learned that I’m not going to get far if I’m around a bunch of “yes-men.”

But the very best advice I was ever given is this: We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical/human experience. Because of that we must embrace each moment and experience (good or bad) because each of them will help us grow spiritually. Put another way? Enjoy the ride; it doesn’t last long.

I believe that the highest form of living is to serve the moment in front of you by raising it up so that the moment is better off for having been in front of you. This requires two things:

  1. BE PRESENT > You have to live in the now and not in your mind. Remember, if you are imagining the past or living in the future, then you are living in a mental image your mind created. Sure, you have some playmates in there – feelings and emotions – but you’re still just imagining and not really living!
  2. GIVE > In order to serve the moment in front of you, you actually have to be there to give and not take. Most of us are still waling around looking at what we can get from the world or what someone can do for us. Instead, think of what you can give!

If we really want to make our short visit here on Earth even more impactful and more joyful, we must learn how to balance and restore our positive energy, and let go of negative energy. Remember, YOU are just energy vibrating at a massive speed! It’s why it is so important of people to protect their energy and learn ways to increase or balance their energy when needed.

A really cool article came out last week based on a study from a biological research team at Bielefeld University that confirmed that plants have an alternate energy source – they can draw energy form other plants, and that they do not just rely on photosynthesis. Just like plants can draw energy from other plants, humans draw energy from other humans. Okay, I know this is something we’ve known for a while. Those “vibes” you get from other people are real. What is cool is that science is now backing this up. With all that is going on in the world today and how connected we are to all of it, it’s even more critical than ever to be aware of the energy you are receiving and the energy you are putting out, because it does effects everyone around you!

So how can you keep your space clear and positive energy flowing into and out of you? Start by surrendering to reality or the moment in front of you in order to not store energy within you. That stored energy only creates more suffering, so if you can allow it to flow through you and release any negative energy from the situation or person, then you keep your space clear.

Another tip is more easily said than done, and that is not taking things personally. Yes, we are humans with human emotions and different things are going to trigger us. But people are just trying to do the best they can with the tools that they have learned thus far in their life. What they say or do has much more to do with them, than it does you. You can’t control others, but you can choose to create space, allow any negative energy to flow through you, and move on with your day!

To take it a step further, approach each person who enters your life (either for minutes or years) as someone who was placed there to deliver a message to you or you to them and that they are there to help you on your journey of spiritual growth. That one minor shift in perspective can make all the difference in the energy you bring to your interactions and in turn, the energy you receive. It really can be a virtuous cycle!

Other ways to increase your energy and keep yourself centered and your energy balanced include, breathing exercises, meditation, regular exercise, and eating clean, whole foods. Energy management is so important to creating a highly productive, joyful, impactful business and life. Leaders, if you aren’t paying attention to your energy and the vibes you’re giving off, start now.

If you’re looking for some more books about energy, I recently read two that touch on this subject (funny how I read them both the same week this article came out!):

  1. The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure by James Redfield
  2. The Yamas and Nayamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele

Check them out and then let me know what you think about the power of energy!




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