Human Being vs. Human Doing

This past week, at Project | U, the full-immersion training program for leaders and high achievers, we focused on spirituality. Now, don’t get lost in the word spirituality here. I simply mean growing personally and connecting to something bigger than ourselves. While spirituality was our focus, we are all business owners, with complex lives, families, commitments, goals, and dreams. Our conversations covered everything from joy, to love, to the spiritual world, to space-time continuum, to manifestation, to growing, to dying, to self-actualization, and more – but every conversation was rooted in business. After all, business is nothing but a conduit for our personal growth. So let’s start there.

As business leaders, most of our day involves doing -– meetings, coaching team members, making decisions, reviewing financials, training, interviewing, and more. Once we’re done doing one thing, we’re on to the next – whatever is bigger, better, faster. We never really stop doing because we think the next thing (accomplishment, award, business deal, sale, house, vacation, etc.) will make us feel complete. When we accomplish that next thing, we get a temporary hit of happiness.

But the irony is that we are already complete and lasting joy can only come from within. We already have everything we’ll ever need inside of us, if we just stop looking for it outside of ourselves and instead look inward. Just think about this for a second: We are human beings. We are not human doers. I think we’ve lost sight of the being part of being human for quite some time. Thankfully, I believe our collective society is ready for this conversation. I know I am.

There is a fine line between human being and human doing. We need both. The mistake lies in that we go first for the doing (and accumulating) and never pay attention to the being (which is fundamentally who we are and the essence of life). We need to realize that we will never be satisfied, we will never accumulate enough, or do enough, or know enough, if we just stay in the loop of doing, doing, doing.

We must BE first, before we can DO. Why? Because if you are clear on who you are at the core, then anything you do, will just be a natural extension and effortless expression of who you are.

For me this means business. Business is my main conduit for discovering who I am and expressing myself. It forces me to look beyond myself and grow at a rate that I normally wouldn’t. As I achieved external success, it naturally led me to ask myself, “Is this all? Is this why I started a business, just to accumulate?” The answer was no. But I’m not sure I would have discovered that (or discovered it as quickly as I did) without entering into this high pressure, high achiever world of business.

I realized that when I stayed in the human doing world, all I got were things (sometimes really, really nice things), and part of me was still not fulfilled. I discovered that I could use business as a way to go deeper to uncover my human being side. By doing so, I changed how I operated and started gaining success in different ways.

Now I am able to take the business community I created (employees, agents, vendors, clients, etc.) and help lead them through the growth journey and make an impact on their lives. Business, for me, became the conduit for understanding who I am, so I can in turn help guide people to grow and find lasting joy in their own lives.

Being does not mean you retreat to a mountain top and meditate for the rest of your life. We can still have amazing experiences, create, do and accumulate things – but learning how to do it from a place of presence is the game changer. When you build a business from this place, it becomes joyous (yes, even the struggles!) because you are already whole and complete inside. You don’t need the business to succeed or produce a certain result in order to feel good – you already feel good and have reached a higher state than anything you could get from your accomplishments. When you come from being first, your business, your work, life, is just an expression of who you are… and bam! You can enjoy and play with all the things and experiences that come from it. It all leads toward personal and spiritual growth.

You may have heard me say that we are all spiritual beings having a minor physical experience. Therefore, there is no judgment on how someone lives this out. Each of us has our own path to growth. If we operate from a place of being first, then the doing part of  brings new opportunities for us to more fully experience what it actually means to be human. More experiences, more growth, more fun!

As you’re setting your business and personal goals for 2020, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What part of me is going after these goals? And why?
  • Am I trying to accomplish these goals in order to get a feeling? Or are these goals an expression of who I am at the core?
  • Do these goals help me BE or help me DO?


If you’re committed to moving from a place of doing to being, I’d highly suggest checking out Project | U. This year-long, full-immersion coaching program is for leaders and high achievers who are looking to maximize growth in all areas of their lives – this includes learning how to be and do more from a place of joy and fulfillment. If you want more from your business and life, we’d love to connect. Email Hallie at for more information.


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