Creating a Conscious Classroom and World

Last week, my son, Asher (5), was given an assignment to bring home for me and Sarah to complete. There were just three simple questions designed to get us and Asher to start thinking about our intentions for his school year. Now, you know I’m all for vision-casting, creating a future self, goal setting, and thinking big. That’s a good place to start. Yet, goals are not just about what you, or me, or Asher can achieve this year, but who we will become as people and how we will ultimately impact those around us

You’ve heard the phrase before, “Children are our future.” Well, if that’s true, then it is my intention to create a conscious classroom where our children are learning who they are on the inside first – that they learn how to just be, how to give, and how to approach each day with joy.

This worksheet presented an opportunity that was just too good to miss. Here’s what I wrote:

What do you feel will be most important for your child in school this year? 

To discover self-awareness around who he is at the soul level. To understand that he is not his thoughts and emotions, yet he is the one who is witnessing them. The self-realization will lead to kindness and generosity. Need nothing and enjoy everything.

If you didn’t catch last week’s blog go check it out now! We live in a 200% world. There is 100% more opportunity that many of us haven’t even tapped into yet. With practice and dedication you can achieve a state of inner stillness and participate in the playground of life. You can have the external success and the inner peace. It’s not mutually exclusive.

In what ways would you like to see your child grow socially? 

Interacting with others from a place of joy and kindness. Coming from contribution in each moment that passes. Again – self-awareness around giving versus “wanting” things for himself. That the secret to living is giving!

We don’t know what is going to happen a minute, a day, a year, or a lifetime from now. All we have is this moment. Right now. I think the most impactful way you can live your life is by making every moment that passes in front of you better. If we approach each person, and each moment, with joy, curiosity, understanding, and compassion what a moment it would be! 

In what ways would you like to see your child grow academically? 

Critical thinking. Teaching Asher to think for himself the way he best learns. Not to impose someone else’s beliefs or viewpoints, but to teach the facts and then allow Asher to develop his own framework for thinking and problem solving.

This is not just for the kids! It’s really important for everyone to develop critical thinking and to not get caught up in what other people think. So many of us buy into the emotional conversation without verifying the information, or fully understanding the situation. In business, first, get the facts, and then use your critical thinking to listen, learn, triangulate information to make the best decision, then execute. Learning how to think and solve problems is one of the most useful skills in life and business! Question everything.

I questioned this worksheet at first, debating how I should answer. Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew immediately how I should answer (see above). I was simply debating whether or not I should go the conventional route or open up this new dialogue. I chose the latter.

Asher is five (start them young when and where we can!). But I think that these questions and the subsequent goals apply to all of us, no matter how old we are. A conscious classroom, a conscious home, a conscious office, a conscious world… they are all worth working towards. These aren’t just goals for a school year, these are goals for life! 

What are your goals and intentions for your kids, yourself, your friends, your co-workers, your team, or your family? How can you bring greater consciousness to those around you?

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  1. Thomas Hergenrother Sr

    Adam, don’t usually comment, but this time it was about family, those were amazing answers to the teacher for Asher’s growth, well done very proud of you, keep up the inspiring words, love Dad

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