Business Meets Spirituality

Recently, I revised my Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Perspective statements that I thought I would share with you as an example in case you want to create your own. These are my guiding principles for how I approach my life and work.

MISSION: Why am I alive. What is my mission here?

I am a spiritual being that grows daily. I am aligned and interacting with the moment that is in front of me so that the moment is better off for having passed by my consciousness. I am operating from a place of being first, then doing second. Everything I do is an expression of who I am. I have asked deep questions in life and uncovered deep answers. I am a spiritual and business teacher bridging the two. My family and kids learn who they are, why they are here and how to be first and then use unconditional love, joy and enthusiasm to create a physical experience.  

VISION: Where am I going?

I’ve built a billionaire dollar net worth company that fosters personal, spiritual and professional growth first. People, our leadership team, and relationships are the foundation of success in my life and our company’s existence. Wealth is abundant at every level inside our organization. We are a conscious company that plays full out, laughs, exudes joy and loves every struggle as much as every success.

VALUES: What is important to me?

Spiritual development at the highest level. Financial freedom. Spiritual freedom. Physical freedom. Social freedom. Living a life of unconditional love and joy that is demonstrated in each moment that passes me by.

BELIEFS: What do you believe to be true?

That we are all spiritual beings having a minor physical experience. Therefore, there is no judgment on how someone lives this out. That each one of us has an agenda for our soul that awakens the larger body of consciousness. That if we operate from a place of being first, then the doing part of being human is nothing but fun watching ourselves experience ourselves.

PERSPECTIVE: How do you view yourself and your situation at any given moment?

I am grateful for being alive. I am grateful for smiling and bringing joy into each moment. I am grateful for being a conscious teacher throughout this physical world. I am grateful for having fulfillment first, then acting, creating and building each day. I enjoy each breathe. I love myself first.

Now, as you can see, if you’ve followed the blog for the past few years, we’re jumping into new territory. This has been part of my spiritual journey and now that I have peeled back the ego and uncovered my inner self, I can articulate who I am, what I believe, what I want to create, and the impact I want to have on the world.

To that point, you may have seen a few behind the scenes photos popping up on my social media accounts lately. We’ve (thanks team!) been working on a couple of new projects that are in the final stages of finessing and will be launching over the next few weeks. These projects are intended to better serve our audience and to continue to share the message that runs throughout my organization: business is nothing but a conduit for your personal growth.

And I think I’ve kept you in suspense long enough… In a couple weeks, we will be launching a brand new website with a fresh look, free downloads, an easier to navigate online training and live event platform, and, perhaps my favorite part, a place to highlight our amazing employees!

And we are also dropping our first 10 episodes of our new podcast – Business Meets Spirituality in November.

This is a conversation that is happening more and more throughout the world, particularly in business, and it is the cornerstone of my guiding principles (see above). You can have a big, successful business, and still be spiritual. You can have external rewards, and inner peace. You can grow personally while at the office (in fact, it’s my preferred method of experiencing the world and expressing myself!). It’s a 200% world (100% internal, and 100% external). Business Meets Spirituality is at the intersection of the being and doing world. I can’t wait to bring you into that conversation and help you discover who you already are!



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